Introducing Our 52-Inch Walker Edison Farmhouse Entry Table

Welcome to our blog! We understand the significance of finding the perfect furniture piece that not only enhances the style of your home but also adds functionality to your living space. That’s why we are delighted to introduce our exceptional 52-Inch Walker Edison Farmhouse Entry Table. This exquisite table is designed to make a lasting impression and elevate the aesthetic appeal of your entryway or any space in your home. Join us as we explore the remarkable features and versatile design of this farmhouse entry table, and discover why it is the ideal addition to your home decor.

Walker Edison Farmhouse Accent Entry Table, 52 Inch

as of January 17, 2024 12:21 pm

Introducing the Walker Edison Modern Farmhouse Accent Entryway Table, a stylish and functional addition to your living room, entryway, or hallway. With its 52-inch length and rustic oak finish, this A-Frame console table effortlessly adds a touch of rustic charm to any space.

Crafted from high-grade MDF, powder coated metal, and durable laminate, this console table is built to withstand everyday use. The marble and walnut two-tone finish adds aesthetic appeal, making it a standout piece in your home. The spacious tabletop provides ample space to display your favorite accessories, photos, and collectibles, while the open slatted bottom shelf is perfect for storing decor, shoes, and more.

Measuring at 32 inches in height, this entry table offers an ideal surface for various purposes, such as placing a lamp, organizing keys, or showcasing a decorative vase. With dimensions of 52 inches in length and 14 inches in width, it provides ample space to meet your decorating needs. The table is designed in a rectangular shape, giving it a sleek and contemporary look that complements any modern farmhouse or rustic-themed interior.

The Walker Edison Modern Farmhouse Accent Entryway Table is easy to assemble and comes with all the necessary components, including a wood top, wood base, and hardware pack. It weighs 60 pounds and has a maximum recommended load of 100 pounds, ensuring durability and stability. Additionally, it is backed by a 30-day limited manufacturer warranty, providing peace of mind.

  • Dimensions: The table has a length of 52 inches, depth of 14 inches, and height of 32 inches, providing ample size for an entryway or living room
  • Material: The base is made of metal, while the top is constructed of engineered wood with a rustic oak finish, ensuring durability and a farmhouse-style aesthetic
  • Design and Style: With its rectangular shape and entry table design, this piece offers a sleek and modern farmhouse look, making it suitable for various interior styles
  • Mounting Type: The tabletop is designed for easy mounting on a tabletop, providing stability and convenience during assembly
  • Weight Capacity: The table can support a maximum recommended load of 100 pounds, offering a sturdy surface for decorative items, books, or other necessities
  • Additional Features: The table includes one shelf, providing extra storage or display space. It requires assembly and comes with all necessary components and hardware
  • Manufacturer and Warranty: The table is produced by Walker Edison, a reputable furniture manufacturer, and comes with a 30-day limited warranty
  • Product Information: The table’s model name is the Modern Farmhouse Accent Entryway Table, with the item model number AF52AFTRO. It weighs 60 pounds and is finished in a laminated brown

We pride ourselves on offering high-quality furniture that is both functional and stylish. The Walker Edison Modern Farmhouse Accent Entryway Table embodies our commitment to providing exceptional design and craftsmanship. Enhance your living room or entryway with this versatile and elegant piece today.

Key Features

  • Dimensions: 32″ H x 52″ L x 14″ W
  • Bottom Shelf: 23″ H x 52″ L x 14″ W
  • Made of high-grade MDF, powder coated metal, and durable laminate
  • Spacious slatted bottom shelf for storing décor, shoes, and more
  • Supports up to 100 lbs

Based on the reviews, we can confidently say that the Walker Edison Modern Farmhouse Accent Entryway Table is a beautiful and sturdy piece of furniture that has received positive feedback from customers. The table is said to look great and is true to its appearance as shown in the pictures.

One customer mentioned that the quality of the wood base is excellent and the top of the table has a quartz-like appearance, which matches well with their room decor. They also appreciated the spacious slatted bottom shelf, which provides ample storage space for decorations, shoes, and more.

However, it is worth noting that one customer mentioned that the caps provided to cover the building materials did not match the overall quality of the table and the sticker did not properly cover the plastic cover. Despite this minor issue, they still found the table to be a perfect fit and chose to skip that step altogether.

Overall, based on the customer reviews and product features, we believe that the Walker Edison Modern Farmhouse Accent Entryway Table is a quality piece of furniture that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also durable and practical.

Key Features

  • Stylish and attractive design
  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Ample storage space with a spacious slatted bottom shelf
  • High weight capacity of up to 100 lbs


  • Caps to cover building materials don’t match the quality of the stand
  • Hardware is visible due to skipping the step of using caps


Satisfying Choice

In conclusion, the Walker Edison Modern Farmhouse Accent Entryway Table is a stylish and sturdy piece of furniture with ample storage space and a high weight capacity, making it a quality choice for any living room or entryway. While there are minor issues with the caps and hardware, these do not detract from the overall satisfaction of customers.

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Tips for Choosing the Perfect Console Table and Entryway Furniture

When selecting console tables and entryway furniture, there are several factors to consider. First, we need to assess the size and scale of the space where the furniture will be placed. This will help us determine the appropriate dimensions for the console table and other pieces. Additionally, we should consider the style and design of the furniture. It is important to select pieces that complement the overall aesthetic of the room and coordinate with existing furniture. The material and finish of the furniture should also be taken into account, as this can affect durability and maintenance requirements. Finally, we should evaluate the functionality of the console table and entryway furniture. Consider features such as storage options, drawer space, and any additional features that may be desired. By carefully considering these factors, we can select console tables and entryway furniture that not only enhance the space aesthetically but also meet our practical needs.

  • Size and Dimensions: Measure the available space in your entryway to ensure that the 52-inch table will fit properly. Consider the height, width, and depth of the table as well to ensure it will meet your needs
  • Quality and Durability: Look for a sturdy construction and high-quality materials. Check for details like solid wood, metal accents, or a strong veneer finish that can withstand regular use without easily getting damaged
  • Style and Design: Consider the overall aesthetic of the table and whether it matches your home decor. The “Farmhouse Accent” design by Walker Edison is characterized by rustic and vintage elements, making it suitable for country or modern farmhouse-inspired interiors
  • Functionality and Storage: Identify your needs for storage and organization. The Walker Edison accent table offers features like a spacious tabletop and a lower shelf, which can be convenient for holding decorative items or organizing everyday essentials
  • Assembly: Determine whether the table comes with clear assembly instructions and all the necessary hardware. Consider your own comfort level with assembly, or if you prefer to purchase a fully assembled table
  • Customer Reviews: Research customer reviews to learn from other buyers’ experiences. Look for insights on the table’s quality, ease of assembly, and overall satisfaction with the purchase, as this can give you a better understanding of what to expect
  • Price and Warranty: Compare prices from various retailers and evaluate the table’s value for money. Additionally, check if there is any manufacturer’s warranty included, which can provide peace of mind in case of unexpected issues

Identifying Key Indicators that indicate the “Walker Edison Farmhouse Accent Entry Table, 52 Inch” may not be the ideal product for your needs.

  • Size: The 52-inch length of this table may not be appropriate for your available space. It’s important to measure your room and consider how the table will fit in relation to other furniture and pathways
  • Style: The “Modern Farmhouse” and “Rustic Oak” design of this table may not align with your aesthetic preferences or the décor of your living room or entryway. It’s crucial to ensure that the product’s style complements your existing interior design
  • Functionality: If you require additional features such as storage compartments, drawers, or shelves, this particular table may not meet your needs. Consider whether the table’s functionality aligns with your intended usage
  • Material and durability: The quality and durability of a product are crucial factors to evaluate. Assess the materials used in construction, such as the table’s frame, legs, and tabletop. If you have specific durability requirements, ensure the product meets them
  • Other customer reviews: It’s always helpful to review feedback from other customers who have purchased the same product. Pay attention to other buyers’ experiences, opinions, and any potential recurring issues that may affect your decision

Key Terminology Explained

  • Console Table: A type of furniture typically placed against a wall in a living room, hallway, or entryway. It features a long, narrow shape and is usually taller than a regular coffee table, providing additional storage and display space for decorative items
  • MDF: An acronym for Medium-Density Fiberboard, a composite wood product made by compressing wood fibers with a resin binder. It is commonly used in manufacturing console tables and provides a smooth and durable surface
  • Veneer: A thin layer of high-quality wood that is applied to the surface of furniture, including console tables, to give it an attractive and natural appearance. Veneers can be made from various types of wood, such as oak, walnut, or mahogany
  • Drawers: Small compartments built into console tables, typically located beneath the tabletop or along the front or sides. They offer convenient storage space for items like keys, mail, or other small objects, helping to keep your space organized
  • Shelves: Horizontal platforms incorporated into console tables, usually placed beneath the tabletop or between the table legs. They provide additional storage or display space for books, magazines, baskets, or decorative items
  • Metal Hardware: Hardware made from metals such as brass, stainless steel, or zinc alloy that is used in console tables, such as drawer pulls, hinges, or decorative accents. Metal hardware adds a decorative touch and enhances the durability of the furniture
  • Height: Typically measured from the floor to the top surface of the console table, height is an important factor to consider when purchasing a console table. It helps ensure the table is proportionate to the surrounding furniture and meets the desired functional requirements
  • Finishes: The final coating or treatment applied to the surface of console tables that enhances their appearance and protection. Common finishes include matte or glossy varnishes, stains, paints, or lacquers, each offering different aesthetic and durability characteristics

Discover the perfect addition to your entryway or living room with the Walker Edison Modern Farmhouse Accent Entryway Table. Crafted with a rustic oak finish, this 52-inch table exudes charm and elegance. Its versatile design allows it to be used as an entry table or an end table in your living room. Bring a touch of modern farmhouse style to your home with this timeless and functional piece.

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